On Breath

This text is a reflection I wrote in December of 2020 as a resident blogger in the Austrian Pavilion of … More

Tools for a Speculative Imperialism

(Appearing in ED no 2: Architecture of Disaster, May 2018—Thanks to Nicholas Korody and Joanna Kloppenburg!) Shortly before his death … More

Architecture’s Environmental Complex: A Review of Felicity Scott’s Outlaw Territories

Image from the Architecture Machine Group’s Seek, 1970 Pre-Publication draft; forthcoming in The Journal of Architecture, Vol 22, No. 2 (March … More

Museum for the Histories of Nature: Toward an Anamorphic Architecture

Studio Brief for ARCH 401, Iowa State University (Fall 2016)   Objective Is nature subject to its historicization? What could … More

The Urban as a Rationality

Introductory remarks for What Is the Urban? Registers of a World Interior Full symposium playlist here.

Scales of Urban Design

Where does architectural design end and urban design begin? Where does urban design end and regional planning begin? Can architecture alone constitute urban design? Can certain hand-held technologies become central objects of urban design discourse and practice? If urbanization today has become planetary in scale, can we now consider the entire surface of the earth to be the object of urban design?